Starting in the Fall, I'll be looking for a part-time Assistant. I love my interns tremendously of course, but it's time I actually hire someone. I need some help over here! If you or anyone you know is interested (and please spread the word), send the following items to [email protected]. Applications must be received by 9/23/09 * a description of why you would be a good admin and studio assistant, what you're strengths and weaknesses are. Are you a self-starter? Good on the phone? good with details? Are you good with really getting things done?... Really tell me what you strengths and weaknesses are. Be honest and thorough. No point in hiring, then firing. I'm Looking for solid match with possibility of long term relationship. *list your administrative, computer, and design skills. You will need to be proficient in Photoshop, iView Media Pro, Word, Excel, Mac Platform, and some some very simple HTML (for blog updates etc...). It is helpful if you have some experience with editing/working with video. * You must be a fast, dedicated, and resourceful learner and problem solver. *You must have basic retouching and color correcting skills. It is also good if you have experience with Canon equipment and studio lighting. _____________________________________________ * send your resume * send a link to your work * send me honest answers to the requirements above * tell me your background- where you are from, education,  and experience with photo and/or   photo assisting etc.. * send 2-3 references with numbers and emails (at least one personal and one professional) * tell me something I don't know about you Thanks!- Looking forward to meeting you.