You know that friend who is constantly sending you 'heartwarming' forwards about disabled animals or two-headed people or whatever?... Those forwards that you continually delete? My friend who never sends these forwards sent me one the other day about a 2-Legged Dog named Faith. She was TOO cute. I had to find her so I could arrange to photograph her. I tracked her owner down on line and now we're online buddies. It also so happens that Faith lives a few blocks from an Exhibition Opening I was having that same week in Oklahoma City. Faith and Jude attended the opening and stole the whole show, both of them walking around all human-style. They acted as my stand-in reps at the show since I couldn't attend. I attached the picture she sent of them in front of my 3 pieces. I simply can NOT wait to photograph Faith when they come back to NY. Pick up Friday's copy of People mag to see the article about Faith- it's an adorable story. And here is her website: