I just got back on the 9th from Europe... still jet-lagged I suppose, since my head is in some funny kind of unexplainable cloud. Can't really remember the last time I experienced jet-lag quite like this. I spent time with London, Paris, and then Barcelona. It was spectacular. I spent countless hours laughing uproariously with my sister and with my family and with my friend April. I also remember standing stark still in Saint Gervais Church, holding a hand with April. We watched the air around us thicken with white incense air-color from the silver ball thst the young, pink-faced monk was rocking back and forth at the alter. We just stood there under the sky high ceilings while all the nuns and monks in white organized themselves in perfect shape on the floor, and sung so softly... chanting... it felt like their chants were falling our of their breath, rather then being sung. Almost like they were just breathing really deeply and harmony was moving out of their bodies and connecting all of them with everything else. And April and I just stood there, holding hands. It was all so delicate. Thank you to my friend Ian Kennedy on this list who recommended we seek out the nuns singing, Beautiful. THANK you Ian. The Louvre was also incredible- obviously. Fell in love with Delacroix and have a secret photo project brewing out of this.