Remember Surface Magazine's Avant Guardian Competition? It's the contest I won in 2005 where I photographed taxidermic monkeys and deers with models, and then again in 2009 marking their 10-year anniversary issue, where I photographed the elegant nude elderly in that futuristic showroom. Remember? Anyway, I've just been confirmed as a JUDGE for this year's AVANT GUARDIAN COMPETITION. If you have any interest in photographing fashion and have a unique vision, make sure to submit work. If you win, you'll get the budget paid for a full-production shoot to be published in Surface Magazine as well an industry party to supplement the publication launch. Officially, THIS IS THE LAST DAY LEFT TO SUBMIT! However, between you and me (and the rest of this list), Surface will be EXTENDING THE DEADLINE to the END OF NEXT WEEK. The competition is open to those living and working in the US, but if you're abroad and have friends in the states, feel free to pass this opportunity onto them. I'm looking forward to seeing your work! Click here to submit.