To be said before jumping into my personal business in the last 3 months:I was going to avoid talking about the scary political situation we have on our hands in my personal Newsletter. I know this is not what any of you signed up for and may be annoyed. But, it's too important to me to avoid, of course, at the fear of loosing some loosing some of you off my list. This is all I will say: PLEASE go to Please contribute any money you can. If you can't contribute money, please think about volunteering some of you time at local Call Parties- These are Parties organized by MoveOn. We are given lists of names of unregistered Voters in Swing States. We drink wine, eat food, and make these crucial phone calls. There are several of these Parties being hosted in Brooklyn THIS SUNDAY which you can RSVP for right here: That's all I will say about Mrs. Palin... !