Surface Magazine's Avant Guardian Issue #56 is currently on the stand and I have a small portfolio (3 images) published in the very back of the magazine, as part of the Annual Avant Guardian project. There are also 11 other chosen photographers. It's quite a fun issue and I think there's one Avant Guardian party left to take place in Miami tomorrow evening (Saturday). If you'll be in the area and want a ticket (last minute) to a fun party with lots of people and free drinks and magazines, let me know and I'll probably be able to put you on the list (call my cell phone). The LA and NY parties have past. An image of mine and Avant Guardian is also published in Time Out's Holiday Shopping Issue promoting an upcoming display of these images large-scale at NYC's Chemist's Club. I haven't seen the issue yet, so I can't tell you yet when that opening actually is till I do.