I was chosen by Surface Magazine (http://www.surfacemag.com) as 1/10 photographers out of submittals from 10 years to mark the 10-year Anniversary of the Avant Guardian Competition. In 2005, I was chosen 1/10 for that year and was commissioned to make the monkey and deer fashion shots you see currently on my site. This year I was commissioned to photograph two very elegant Nude Senior Citizens in junction with 2 models fashioned in Yves Saint Laurent. What a fun day this was. Also, while we were shooting, Sandy, my nude female model, and I decided to nominate each other as new Grandmother/Granddaughter since we don't have one any more. She is lovely. The whole shoot was. This will be published in Surface in October and I will send word of the Launch Party to accompany this. Their Avant Guardian parties are always huge bashes. will let you know.