Earlier today, I was video interviewed for a PodCast (if I understand correctly) as one one of several artist documentaries that will be handed out to Exhibition goers on iPods as they enter my show opening in Sydney Australia next week. The exhibition is at The  Australian Centre for Photography and is part of Foto Freo (http://www.fotofreo.com).  It is the first of several international group Exhibitions and Book Launches to come showcasing the photographers included Big City Press's new coffee table book called Hijacked: New Australian and American Photography. The first run of the book has sold out and soon it will have a second run of copies printed. If you are interested in a copy, let me know, and I will put you in touch with the right person. I love the other photographers in the book- great mix of wildly observant personalities. To Download pdf invite, go here: http://www.bigcitypress.com.au