Here's the reminder I promised...

My choir, Yasna Voices, is singing in collaboration with Asuli, another small Brooklyn-based Women's Vocal Ensemble, at BAMcafe this Saturday night, March 13th at 9:30pm. I am oh so excited about all this and you will be too if you enjoy harmony as much as we do! Please join us for the beginning of your Saturday evening! And come say hi afterwards.

More info below.................:

"Love and Loss: Songs From the Black Sea to the Irish Sea"

In the spirit of  Women's History Month and a unique Balkan tradition to coax Spring into staying, two Balkan women's choirs unite on Saturday, March 13 at BAMcafé Live to perform songs from such diverse musical traditions as Georgian, Bulgarian, and Irish.  Asuli and Yasna Voices, Brooklyn-based, all female a Capella groups, will present a haunting evening of old-world women's songs that transport, heal, and unite. Asuli mines the complex vocal polyphony of the Republic of Georgia as well as folk songs from Ireland, Canada, and the Balkans. Yasna Voices specializes in the traditional repertoire of Bulgarian women's choirs, with its transfixing raw emotional power and close-knit harmonies. Through the power of harmony, Asuli and Yasna Voices hope both to honor women's history and arts this month, as well as to welcome Spring-after what most New Yorkers would agree has been a long winter. In Bulgaria, the month of March is associated with a temperamental old woman known as Baba Marta. Her mood determines the beginning of Spring: if she is in good humor, the weather will turn mild; if she is angry, Winter will remain for a few more weeks.  Rituals, such as performing and listening to music, can put Baba Marta in the right frame of mind-and just might help speed winter on its way and ensure a warm, early Spring.

BAMcafé is Brooklyn's hotspot for eclectic music and spoken word on Friday and Saturday nights. This weekly performance series has featured emerging jazz, spoken word, blues, Afro-pop, Latin, R&B, rock, and experimental artists.

Performance details:
Saturday, March 13, 2004 @ 9:30 PM - 10:45 PM
BAMcafé Live
Brooklyn Academy of Music
30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn
between Ashland Place/St. Felix Street
(718) 636-4100
No cover charge, $10 minimum food/drink charge.
for directions to BAM visit