Here is the info about the PopcornRoom Photo Show: The opening reception will take place on Saturday May 17th from 6-8pm. Anastasia Fite Gallery Director thepopcornroom 402 5th Street (between 5th & 6th Ave.) Park Slope, Brooklyn NY, 11215 718.369.3219 more details about the popcorn room if interested: the popcorn room is the first and only fine art gallery of its kind to open in Park Slope, and is relatively well known as the storefront with huge windows filled, from floor to ceiling, with popcorn! Now curious locals and tourists alike will get to see for themselves that the "Room With Popcorn" is actually filled, not with popcorn, but art. Film Director/Editor [Naqoyqatsi] Jon Kane took over the space three years ago for use as an over-flow editing room for opticnerve(tm) [his design/film production company]. The popcorn was originally installed in the windows to diffuse the light and simultaneously create an amusing spectacle for the neighborhood. And it worked. Sort of. Passers-by were so curious that the day was filled with people knocking on the door with questions. Good for making friends, but bad for film editing, which requires focused attention. Kane kept the popcorn in the windows and decided to open an art gallery. While working on the film Naqoyqatsi, Kane met Brian Boigon. Together, under the pseudonym thepopcornbrothers, they forged a partnership that developed into a curatorial collaboration for thepopcornroom. Their inaugural exhibit is Harvey Wang's America. Thus far there have been no rats, mice or cockroaches as a result of the 300 gallons of popcorn filling the windows. There was a brief problem with moths this past August but until that time the original popcorn was in the windows for two and a half years without a hitch! It takes two hot air poppers 3 days to pop all of the popcorn needed to fill the windows. Nobody knows exactly how many kernels there are but Lily Kane, age 8 of 5th street estimates about a million.