Below is a recent review we had in Nedelnik, the Bulgarian Weekly Newspaper, distributed in the USA, Canada, and Australia. We made the front page. Pretty neat. The translation from Bulgarian is below: Women's Ensemble Yasna Voices: "Bulgarian singing is heard from afar!" Yasna Voices captivate audiences with their innovative and young-spirited approach to Bulgarian vocal heritage coming from different parts of the world, the young singers are equally fascinated by the magic of Bulgarian music By Diana Ivanova, New   York City Yasna Voices (Yasna means "clear" in Bulgarian) is the only ensemble of its kind in New   York City and the entire tri-state area - a Bulgarian Women's Choir, specializing in village style and arranged Bulgarian Folk music, as well as other world vocal traditions and techniques. The group is relatively young - founded by Vlada Tomova in early 2003, it had its debut in New York City in May 2003 with the world-renowned singer Yanka Rupkina of the legendary Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices choir. Vlada Tomova, the founder of the ensemble, is a talented vocalist, arranger, and composer, who received her music education first at the Sofia State Music School, and then at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.  "I came to the USA to continue my studies in Jazz and Brazilian music" - says Vlada.  "Upon hearing of my background though, many colleagues repeatedly asked me if I perform Bulgarian traditional music as well.  I soon realized there is great interest in Bulgarian folklore in the United States and Western Europe. I was excited to form my own women's ensemble and to experiment with fresh and well-known arrangements of Bulgarian songs. Things picked up for us really well!" The voices rehearse on the top floor of a cozy brownstown in a Brooklyn neighborhood; they find they have been blessed with perfect neighbors, who not only tolerate their vivacious musical interpretations, but encourage them in all possible ways.  This past Summer, for example, the voices often rehearsed outdoors, having been invited to their neighbors' backyards - to the enjoyment of the entire neighborhood, in fact, as Bulgarian singing is heard afar!In the past year Yasna Voices have performed in a number of top concert venues in New   York, like Symphony Space, and BAM Café; they have recorded an album with the Grammy runners Paranoise group, as well as their own debut album. Just a few weeks ago Yasna Voices presented an hour-long concert at the Brooklyn Public Library, showcasing women's work songs and texts from around the globe and relating historic and contemporary experiences.  The concert was the culmination of a yearlong research and preparation by Yasna Voices, and was supported by The Brooklyn Arts Council and The Puffin Foundation.  The mixed audience enthusiastically received songs from the Balkans, as well as unusual in sound Scandinavian, Indian, Gaelic, Japanese, and American songs. During Summer 2005 the Voices will tour in Europe, performing at festivals in Canada, Scotland, Russia, and Bulgaria. What is unique about Yasna Voices? Vlada's response is: "We are not the only ensemble performing this kind of music - similar groups exist abroad in San Francisco, Boston, London, Edinburgh.  But we are the youngest among them - and, as such, have the most adventurous and bold spirit, we like to experiment!" Yasna Voices includes women of different ethnic backgrounds: Australia, Bulgaria, Great   Britain, and the United   States. They are drown together by a shared interest in Eastern European and other a cappella vocal traditions, as well as the commonalities shared between these traditions in a global sense. Yasna's mission is to introduce audiences to this rich vocal heritage, and through the power of vocal harmony, to inspire, heal and unite.