I was nominated by visitors who attended the Portfolio Show at The Center for Fine Art Photography as recipient of the Visitor's Choice Award. They sent me $100. I will spend the $100 on pistachio nuts. The reason I will spend the $100 on pistachios is because I met a woman on the Subway last week due to the fact that we were both giggling at  her husband's finding of a pistachio nut shell in his shoe (This was the explanation for his day-long foot annoyance). They were a handsome couple, nearly 80 years old. I told her I was just then thinking about how I'd like to photograph more seniors with my favorite dancer model. She happily offered herself and husband as subjects and also informed me that she runs an organization of hundreds of seniors, many of whom are quite interesting expressive characters. Since our pistachio laughter on the subway, she has been casting amazing models for my project. The rule is that I shoot one couple and call her and then she sets up my next appointment. She is so sweet and supportive of my project. I want to give her something so special in return. any suggestions? What fun!