In just a few hours, Babeland will be holding a launch party for their new coffee table book, Moregasm, for which Sarah shot all the photography last spring. At the launch party tonight, Sarah will be exhibiting a series of still photographs, in addition to staging a mini Tableau Vivant, as an experiment geared towards the upcoming, full-scale Tableau Vivant production.
The theme of this night's performance will be geared towards the playful sensuality of the coffee table book it will be celebrating, but will inevitably also reflect some of themes of Sarah's ongoing photography series, The Delirium Constructions. Music will be provided by Black Sea Hotel as well as some surprise solo tracks that Sarah has created in Garage Band and Logic over the years.

Location: Babeland Soho ​(43 Mercer Street, between Grand and Greene)
RSVP: [email protected]